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Semi Dedicated Servers

Our semi-dedicated servers will meet your web hosting needs. Each server offers ZFS storage and abundant amounts of CPU. A point-and-click hosting CP will give you total control over your web sites.




Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Monthly Traffic
Unlimited Hosted Domain(s)
1 CPU Core(s)
Unlimited MySQL Storage
Unlimited E-mail Accounts
Unlimited MySQL Databases
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Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Monthly Traffic
Unlimited Hosted Domain(s)
2 CPU Core(s)
Unlimited MySQL Storage
Unlimited E-mail Accounts
Unlimited MySQL Databases
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A semi-dedicated server is a hybrid solution that sits between a regular web hosting account and a dedicated server. It was invented to meet the needs of users who need much more processing power than a regular web hosting account can possibly offer, but don’t want to deal with any server management tasks and prefer a much simpler solution.

We, at JualanHost, offer a variety of semi-dedicated servers built atop our innovative hosting platform, which provides great features and amazing performance, coupled with top-notch security

Included with every semi-dedicated hosting plan

VPN Access (5 GB)
Daily Data Backups
Dropbox Backup
Shared SSL IPs
Point-and-click Control Panel
SPAM Protection
Anti-Virus Protection
APC (PHP Opcode Cache)
Data Caching & Compression

USA Data Center

A top-of-the-line USA data center

JualanHost’s Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages are situated in a top-class data center in the US that’s situated in Chicago, Illinois. It ensures fantastic connectivity with the rest of the world, which means that all websites and web applications working on the US Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages will be ensured excellent loading rates.

The data center in the US ensures ideal web hosting conditions that helped us utilize our very own internal network with custom-made computer hardware setup. Also, network stability is ensured by way of a staff of professionals who conduct server supervising and troubleshooting round the clock.

Control Panel

Handle your sites with a simple click of the mouse

It is now pain–free to take over your sites with the cutting–edge Applications Installer that we’ve made for you with ease of usage into account. Manage your files with effortless drag & drop steps, register, transfer and maintain a variety of domain names from a single area, create email addresses right away, run email list campaigns easily, set up and modify your databases with a click, check site stats live, etcetera). Cutting–edge tools which include a framework installation software, an .htaccess generation tool and a hotlink protection program are added too.

Increased MySQL queries

Host active MySQL tables effortlessly

Due to the modern server segregation concept made by our administrators, we can easily assign an abundant quantity of database requests to your sites. This can help you take care of multi-media websites with considerable databases that’ll be frequented regularly by a great deal of people. If you have a busy database powered website that is growing on a daily basis, you'd rather take into consideration moving to a Linux semi-dedicated hosting package well before you start going over the restrictions on your shared website hosting platform.

Increased CPU quotas

Considerably more power for your applications and websites

A semi-dedicated server is designed to give you far more assets as compared to a shared hosting account, yet in precisely the same simple to use package with no server management needed. And since on a semi-dedicated server you can find much less users than on a typical hosting server, this means not simply far more resources for your websites but also enhanced security for your web presence.

JualanHost’s Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages are equipped with greater CPU consumption allocations, making them a fantastic option for your resource-consuming sites and applications.

Remote MySQL Access

Communicate with your data bases from another location

Typically, a data base may solely be entered by sites that have been formed in the same exact account as the data base itself. But using our Remote MySQL function, you can enable data base admission to any other hostname of your liking. This could be extremely helpful if you happen to have multiple e–stores and want to share a purchaser database between them all

Web Accelerators

Use our services to make your Internet site blazing–fast

With JualanHost, you don’t need to remove code or to decrease your online site’s content to make it stream more quickly. Owing to the Site Accelerator Instruments (Varnish, Node.js and Memcached) integrated into the Applications Installer included in each package deal, you are able to help make your website open up a lot quicker than ever – you will be able to make it up to 500 times faster!

Enhanced Service Stability and Security

Twice safeguarded semi-dedicated hosting

By storing software applications, e–mail messages and databases on several physical devices rather than just one, we have ensured a far more stable hosting area for your online presence. In addition, we have decreased the servers’ susceptibility to hack/DoS issues that can possibly take offline the whole server on a regular shared web hosting system.

24x7 Support

E–mail us night–and–day

You may email us 24 hours with any problems that you may possibly have related to our semi-dedicated hosting packages. Do not hesitate to get in touch through e–mail and via the ticketing system and we’ll post back to you in approximately 60 minutes. Actually, our ordinary reply time period is no more than 20 minutes. On trading days, you can phone us or use the live chatting system on our store.

Faster Performance

Get the optimal performance rates of speed for your sites

Amazingly fast operation is definitely one of the key amazing benefits of our semi-dedicated hosting packages. We have managed to raise the networking data transfer to 10 Gigabits for considerably better connectivity and faster site streaming speeds, to provide additional servers that streamline server maintenance actions and decrease service interruptions and outages, and to move user data to SSDs, which provide a lot faster information execution connections and a considerably better longevity than typical Hard Disk Drives.